Historic Building Consultations

At Historic Building Consultations we offer our clients several techniques for the dating, conservation, recording and surveying of historic buildings. This could be as simple as providing a time period and report about a property to a full scale archaeological investigation or planning consult. Most buildings are added to the photographic database. The survey is carried out by Dr R Haddlesey BSc MSc PhD. These techniques include: database intergration, Geophysics, GIS, GPS, Photographic surveys, tree-ring dating and web design - with over 25 years experience in the construction industry.

Building restoration works by Jason Wareham, Weymouth, Dorset.

We can also offer dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) through Tree-Ring Services

Late Medieval Carpentry

The aim of this site is to aid research into English late medieval architecture, especially box-frame and cruck framing methods which incorporate the open hall through the medium of Buildings Archaeology coupled with Digital Archaeology.

A Re-evaluation of Late-medieval Joint Chrono-Typologies (c1250-1530) in the Light of Recent Dendrochronological Investigations in Hampshire.

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Academic papers are offered alongside detailed information on the 'Devizes Corbel Heads' and Late-Medieval carpentry joints in Hampshire.

We offer the viewer an insight into certain elements of English Late-Medieval architecture, mainly focusing on timber-framed construction methods in central southern England. In particular we will explore, through digital technologies, the joints employed by medieval carpenters to frame a structure and their chrono-typologies. The study is based on solid dates derived from dendrochronological investigations (tree-ring dating) and the influences, if any,of the 'Black Death' (1348-50). We will also report on the medieval corbel heads c.AD1408-30 from Devizes (Wiltshire), employing virtual technologies to explore the techniques of their manufacture and medieval carpentry. These medieval corbels are now for sale. Serious bids are welcome.

Continuing Research

Dr Richard Haddlesey is presently actively involved in surveying timber-framed properties in Southern England, but is willing to travel further afield.

He has found many interesting joints, and as a result, this website will constantly evolve and be updated regularly. The thesis has been passed and parts of the thesis will appear on this site in due time. Please feel free to email Richard with questions and suggestions.


The role of the house in society is a theme which transcends the period boundaries.

Approximately 108 timber-framed medieval buildings have been dendrochronologically dated to between AD1244 and 1530 in Hampshire alone. As part of Richards doctoral research, an extensive survey has been carried out on these buildings to record the different types of carpentry joints used in their construction; these joints have then been grouped, by type, to provide a typo-chronology used by medieval carpenters. The survey currently stands at 97% due to a lack of response by some property owners. Although his project is heavily informed by scientific dating methods (dendrochronology) theory is also an important component. Once the chrono-typologies have been produced and cross- referenced with regard to Cecil Hewett's Essex data (English Historic Carpentry Hewett 1980), the effects, if any, of the Black Death (1348-50) on medieval carpentry techniques and technologies, used in central southern England, can be analysed.

Latest Articles and Blog

Alongside this website, a blog exists with up to date articles and wider news on both buildings archaeology and digital archaeology.

The actual Devizes Medieval Corbels are now for sale! Please contact the owner for sale details.